The project is implemented via 5 Work Packages (WP):

WP1“Project Management and Coordination” includes progress reports, project meetings, audits, project management activities (coordination of human and material resources, planning and monitoring of joint activities) and financial management activities (cash flows, preparation of financial reports, verification claims, etc.).The LB is in charge of the coordination of Partners and the consistent reporting of the Partners' Project Activities, while all Partners will take part in project activities management and meetings.

WP2 “Information & Publicity” includes a communication plan for all Partners which will be drafted by the LB and distributed to PPs, the Project’s portal and the social media accounts of the projects, the project’s mobile application, radio spot and TV spot production, radio and TV spots broadcast, publicity material production (leaflets, banners, Project Results Booklet, usb, laptop bags) and the organization of the Final Public Event.

WP3 "Mapping of Women Entrepreneurship’’ includes Guidelines for the Mapping of women entrepreneurship and recording of problems of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs (incl. sexual harassment, administration drawbacks, lack of entrepreneurial education, local societies restrictions, etc.), According to the mapping findings a study will be conducted  to define groups with specific needs in GR & IT. GIS mapping for wom-en entrepreneurship will be produced, as well as a Partnership network entranet tool. Moreover, the specific WP includes a motivating documentary to present and diffuse successful stories of women entrepreneurs and record their problems.

WP4 Regional Networks’’. In this WP Guidelines and Legislation context for regional Networks in GR and IT will be built. Also, this WP includes an e-learning platform will be developed for existing and potential women entrepreneurs, training material, a good practices’ inspirational guide and a sustainability study for the continuation of the networks operation.

In the context of WP5 “Addressing Solutions” the development of the CB Network takes place, Specific Needs Addressing Workshops & trainings as well as 4 final conferences, where the Project results and experiences will be presented.

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