The Project

The ICON WOM-EN program aims to promote business growth in the RIS areas of the regions and to build the capacity of local actors to better support women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses by providing innovation support services and developing cross-border networks. It will also work to create a more positive environment for women entrepreneurship, while through the economic emancipation of women it will aim to contribute to greater gender equality, as well as to the creation of more jobs and economic growth.

The project is based on a multi-level action plan. Each level will be committed to the other and all together will form an effective plan of communication and activity that will affect the economy in various aspects. The new feature of the ICON WOM-EN project is the promotion and establishment of women enterprises in areas of high added value, innovation and new technologies (RIS sectors), while introducing extensive networking activity.

The main target groups - beneficiaries are women SMEs and business support stakeholders, such as chambers (financial, commercial), industry representatives, social media representatives of SMEs or professional SME networks, associated with women entrepreneurship, national, regional and local authorities and their respective services with main responsibility of supporting businesses.

In addition, the target groups include non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, cross-border networks and other associations supporting business in the cross-border area, collective organizations and associations representing companies participating in the agri-food value chain, Universities, Education and Research Institutions in the cross-border area,

The consortium of the project consists of:

1. General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (GR),

2. The Region of Western Greece (GR),

3. The Chamber of Corfu (GR),

4. National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Bari (IT)

5. The Municipality of Maglie (IT).

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